Kalyani Group was established in 1979, as a part of the $ 3 Billion conglomerate Kalyani Group which has manufacturing business and a customer base across the globe.

Kalyani Group’s engineering and manufacturing centers in India, the USA, Germany, and Sweden specialize in complete end-to-end products and solutions for chassis and powertrain components and assemblies serving global OEM’s & Tier-1 suppliers. Over the last decade, with organic growth and acquisitions, Kalyani Group has transformed itself into a eMobility powertrain and chassis products and solutions provider.

& Values

Leadership Team

The head honcho MD of Kalyani Technoforge group. His youthful appearance will defy his age and experience. He has an awe-inspiring presence and stands out from the crowd.

Having an astounding experience of 28 years in the automotive, forging, and heat treatment industry, he has always worked in key positions with reputed companies. He has Bachelor's Degree in Metallurgy from the Government College of Engineering, Pune, India. Additionally, he holds an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick - one of the UK's prestigious universities.

Mr. Ravi Nagarkar
Managing Director (KTFL, KPTL, and KMD)

Michael Newell is the Vice President of Sales for Bharat Forge Aluminum USA and leads the North American Driveline, Forging, and Die Casting business. This thriving segment of Bharat Forge comes from the prowess and dedication shown by Newell.

Michael’s strong hold on the industry comes from over 26 years of experience in the automotive field. His expertise of the industry and leadership skills has taken the organization to a more advanced level, especially in Business Development, Procurement, and Supply Chain. Newell’s indispensable contributions led him to win the SAE Innovation Award and General Motors Supplier of the Year Award, with the respective teams. He thrives on developing strong relationships to identify and offer mutually beneficial solutions for customers and shareholders.

Mr. Michael Newell
Vice President of Sales for Bharat Forge Aluminum USA

Tim Matuszewski is the General Manager at Kalyani Mobility Drivelines and administers all day-to-day operations of the company. Matuszewski holds the KMD reigns tight with diligence, dedication, and perseverance.

Tim holds over 28 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and has invested the last decade at an aerospace design & manufacturing company as the Operations Manager. Owing to his contributions in the field, he has been the recipient of several accomplishments like the ‘Dale Carnegie Course Highest Award for Achievement’, and more. Tim believes in working through any challenge to ensure the products and services offered exceed customer expectations.

Mr. Tim Matuszewski
General Manager
Oversee all day-to-day operations of KMD

  • Kalyani Steel Limited
  • Saarloha Speciality Steel
  • Bharat Forge Limited
  • Kalyani Technoforge Limited
  • CDP Bharat Forge GMBH
  • Bharat Forge Daun GMBH
  • Bharat Forge Aluminiumtechnik
  • Bharat Forge Kilsta AB
  • Bharat Forge USA
  • Automotive Axles Limited
  • Kalyani Maxion Wheels
  • Inmet Technology
  • Kalyani Group
Light Weighting
  • Centre For Light Weighting Technologies
powertrain components
  • Kalyani Powertrain Ltd.
  • Kalyani Mobility Drivelines
powertrain components
  • KCTI -Kalyani Centre
    For Technology & Innovation
  • KCMI -Kalyani Centre
    For Manufacturing & Innovation

Global Footprint of Kalyani Group

How We Come

KMD prides itself on being a fast-responding, problem-solving supplier that provides automakers—and larger Tier I and Tier II suppliers—with technical solutions. KMD is focused on supplying driveline and steering components for electrified and specialty vehicles but has the expertise and capability to provide solutions for passenger, defense and industrial equipment. KMD also produces driveshafts, axle components and steering knuckles.

Kalyani Mobility Drivelines (KMD) is a small, agile automotive supplier that is filling a niche in the automotive industry that other suppliers aren’t … or can’t.

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