KMD: Fast Reacting Problem-Solvers with Technical Solutions

With a reputation for world-class quality, KMD responds quickly, providing solutions within days when other suppliers need weeks or months. Flexible manufacturing enables KMD to adapt to any size order, from a single custom-fit part to a high-volume project. In addition, KMD can utilize Kalyani Group’s global manufacturing facilities when needed to produce parts in-market, reduce shipping time and manage costs.

KMD is respected for responding quickly to automakers’ needs, solving problems and providing technical solutions. KMD has in-house:

• Custom engineering
• Precision machining
• Assembly
• Inspection and validation


We offer accurate load and life analysis coupled with expert material and heat treat options.

By involving KMD at the earlier stage of design, our engineers can help you identify the key cause drivers of potential technical pitfalls along with lead time obstacles.

We, at KMD, are available to assist with anything - right from a clean sheet of new design and/or integration to the optimization of existing design to the production of the legacy design.

cv axle manufacturer
Facilities include –
  • • ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D Certified facility
  • • NASTRAN® Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • • Siemens NX® solid modeling software
  • • CATIA V5® solid modeling software
  • • Mastercam
cv axle manufacturer



Over the years Kalyani Group has slowly made a mark for itself with world-class capacities and capabilities. All the forging press lines are highly flexible. This gives us the decisive edge to simultaneously meet different customer demands and optimize production thus allowing us to meet the ever-growing customer demand without compromising on the quality at all. Kalyani Group has proven to be one of the best in the world with best-in-class lead time, single piece flows from bar to finish & fully automatic presses. (6 axis transfer lines & robotic arms handling)

We also possess ISO annealing, spheroidized annealing, hardening & tempering furnaces.

Precision Machining

KMD’s constant velocity joint manufacturing is housed within our state-of-the-art IS09001: 2015 manufacturing facilities equipped with the best-in-class machine tools for precision turning, milling, grinding, and metrology equipment. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with new CNC equipment and staffed by machinists with 30 years of manufacturing experience. Our manufacturing facility focuses on complex, high-mix, highly-processed products in low to medium-sized releases, thereby making constant velocity joints a very integral part of our product portfolio.

Constant Velocity Joints
cv axle shaft assembly,cv half shaft assembly


KMD’s Facility Offerings:

• Clean sheet new design than a standard off-the-shelf product
• KMD Proprietary shaft offers higher angle, higher torque, and longer cycles than competitors.
• Optimized design provides maximum capacity and design life (30% longer within the envelope allowed)

Inspection & Validation

Every solution at KMD comprises of its unique set of equipment for quality control, testing and validation. With some of the rarest and most advanced inspection equipment in India, our products are continually calibrated. Our expertise in data retention and multi-gauging, with the cutting edge technology, ensures unmistakable efficiency.

cv half shaft assembly
Kalyani cv drive shaft

Safety Measures

At Kalyani Mobility Drivelines are committed to maintain a safe & healthy work place in our organization. We aim to create our products without causing unnecessary harm to the environment & will develop & implement our occupational health, safety & environment management system conforming to international standards & will strive to drive excellence in operations, support functions etc.

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